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Worship Reader
    09.07.23 | Volunteer | Church | by Bethany Nelson

    Our worship readers lead the call to worship, read a scripture passage, and offer a prayer following the offering. This is a great way to be involved in worship.  Sign Up

    Diaper Duty Brigade
      08.17.23 | Volunteer | Broader Community | by Carol Coffman

      In San Rafael, immigrant families are facing financial challenges in providing for their infants and toddlers. Your generous contribution of diapers and wipes can make a tremendous difference in supporting these families during this stress-filled...

      Tiburon Thrift Shop
        08.17.23 | Volunteer | Broader Community | by Chris Holly

        Nestled in downtown Tiburon, you'll find the Tiburon Thrift Shop, a community gem. This unique shop is run by local non-profit organizations, including the Women of Westminster (WOW). The profits generated from the shop's sales are distributed...