About Us

Core Values

Westminster is a gathering of people ...

  • Spiritually exploring
  • Open and inclusive
  • Committed to a faith that is applicable
  • Welcoming of families and children
  • Grounded in Christ
Westminster is an inclusive congregation in which we are committed to embodying the faith in tangible ways through worshipping, learning, connecting, and serving. We believe spirituality and action go hand in hand as we seek to follow Jesus Christ in the world.
Location and Office Hours



Session - Ruling Elders

In our tradition, elders are elected representatives of the congregation and with the pastors, attend to the administration, discipline, and spiritual life of the congregation. Elders are ordained to this work and remain elders for life. Ruling elders may serve no more than two, three-year terms on Session before taking a sabbatical.

Class of 2021: Marcia Gould, Harbo Jensen, Ron Meserve, Randy Huyser, Coral Kisseberth, Markus Obata, George Warga
Class of 2022:  Vince DeQuattro, Lisa Dini, Jennifer Finger, Kurt Peterson
Class of 2023:   Chris Colwell, David Elliott, Laura Fitzpatrick, Karen Halsey, Christina Hanson
Clerk of Session:  Susan Berkhout



Deacons at Westminster are specially trained to visit the sick and shut-ins, to address community problems, and to care for both the congregation and the community. Deacons are also ordained to their work and may serve up to two, three-year terms of office.

Class of 2021:  Jennifer Cowan, Sue Hagan, Carla Lantier, Sandra Massen, Christina  Werner
Class of 2022: 
Gary Carlston,  Carolyn Grey, Diane Newman, Ginny Quick, Peter Sayers
Class of 2022:  Jane Drobot, Nancy Leung, Kirk Ludwig, Julie Soja, Amanda Stephens


Westminster’s work is primarily organized through eight commissions comprised of at least one deacon and one elder and several members at large. Anyone is welcome to participate in the work of these groups. Meetings are held at the church on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Please contact Pastor Rob McClellan or Pastor Bethany Nelson if interested in learning more about serving on a commission.

congregation sanctuary

Buildings and Grounds: responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the entire church site, including building and equipment repair and modifications, and custodial services.
Commission Members: Chuck Quick, Chair; David Elliott

Christian Education: responsible for curriculum selection, classes and programs for youth (nursery through high school), and plans theology and Bible study options for adults.
Commission Members: Lisa Dini, Chair; Markus Obata

Stewardship: responsible for the annual fundraising campaign, creating a culture of giving, and for keeping the congregation engaged and up to date throughout the year.
Commission Members: Christina Hanson, Chair; Karen Halsey

Congregational Life: furthers relationships within our own church community, including hosting the after-worship coffee hour and periodic lunches, the fall ingathering brunch, small group dinners, new member receptions, and the annual church picnic.
Commission Members: Randy Huyser, Chair; Marcia Gould

Finance: responsible for the annual budget, special funding, and liaises with other financial entities in the church such as the Legacy Fund and Capital Campaign.
Commission Members: Harbo Jensen, Chair; Jennifer Finger

Outreach: responsible for mission work as well as education and advocacy around issues important to Westminster's vision and core values.
Commission Members: Kurt Peterson, Chair; Vince DeQuattro, George Warga

Spiritual Life:  offers worship experiences, classes, materials, and retreats that help individuals think about and expand their own spiritual life, including facilitating congregational programs and the Prayer Chain.
Commission Members: Coral Kisseberth, Co-Chair; Steffen Bartschat, Co-Chair; Christ Colwell

Worship:  coordinates the planning for all Sunday morning worship services, including choir, special music, and seasonal decorations. Also coordinates volunteer staffing of ushers, greeters, acolytes, lay readers and communion servers
Commission Members: Sharon Terrill, Chair; Laura Fitzpatrick
Our History

We began...

In 1957, ninety-five faithful dreamers planted the seed and leaned into God’s calling to be a Presbyterian presence in southern Marin County (California). Sunday services were held in burlap-lined quarters over Herbert’s Sherbet Shop on the Tiburon Boardwalk. Children attended Sunday School in two Northwest Pacific railroad cars. In 1960, the congregation celebrated the transition to the current location with a small sanctuary, classrooms and offices. In 1991, a beautiful new sanctuary was dedicated. Since our beginning, six pastors, two dozen interns, five parish associates and hundreds of elders and deacons have guided the congregation. In 2017, we celebrated our 60th Anniversary!

Westminster is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination. To learn more, check out their website: http://www.pcusa.org