Sunday Worship Schedule:

 9:00am – Online worship on Facebook or YouTube:  Facebook     YouTube

10:00am – In-person worship in the sanctuary. Advanced registration required.  Register Here


 If you have a question about a Westminster activity, please contact staff. 
Thank you for helping us take care of the community by putting everyone’s health and safety first.



Staff members, lay leaders, members and friends alike continue to be the living body of Christ.  Below, find information about getting involved in the life of Westminster .

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Covid Safety

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, more and more gatherings are being made possible through the church. As we start to complement our virtual offerings with in person gatherings, it’s important you know what we’re doing to keep participants safe and what you should do to ensure any gatherings you convene as part of Westminster are safe and in compliance.

There are essentially two sets of guidelines that pertain to the church.
First, there are guidelines for religious and cultural ceremonies which govern gatherings such as worship, which may be reviewed HERE.
Westminster has crafted its own site-specific policy which may be viewed HERE. Church staff and lay leaders are ensuring we follow these.

For other gatherings and activities happening out in the community through the church, all groups are required to follow the guidelines provided by the county, which may be reviewed HERE.
If you are part of a Westminster group looking to gather, please follow the county guidelines at all times. If you have any questions, please reach out to church staff.