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Rob McClellan

Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

Office: 415-383-5272
Twitter: @RevRMM
Instagram: RobertMcClellan1

As Westminster’s Senior Pastor/Head of Staff, I preach most Sundays, share teaching and pastoral care with Assoc. Pastor Bethany Nelson, and work with a talented team of staff and lay leaders. For me, being a pastor provides a wonderful opportunity to help people encounter a relevant faith and claim it as their own. Doing ministry in this time and place also affords me the chance to offer a refreshing expression of Christ for those who have had a negative or unfulfilling experience of religion. 

Born and raised in the Midwest, I grew up in the Presbyterian church and also had formative spiritual experiences at a large YMCA camp. Prior to coming to Westminster, I served as a solo pastor in a smaller urban congregation and and an associate pastor in a large suburban congregation, both in the Philadelphia area. I have worked with youth, college students, and I have participated in a number of interfaith programs.

I have a love of the environment, outdoor ministry, and am drawn to Celtic Christianity.  In my doctoral work and ministry, I explored pilgrimage as a spiritual practice, and have been both a pilgrimage participant and leader.

I have a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, a M.A. in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis,  a M.A. in Rhetoric from the University of Wisconsin,  a MDiv. from Columbia Theological Seminary (Decatur, GA) and a DMin. from San Francisco Theological Seminary. In my spare time I enjoy spending time outdoors,  music (listening and playing),  reading, writing, and and being with my family. I am married to Sherri Hausser, also an ordained Presbyterian minister. Together, we have a son, Liam, born in 2012.


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Bethany Nelson

Associate Pastor

Office: 415-383-5272
Instagram: CamBethBen

Short Bio
1) I grew up as a PK (preacher’s kid) in Sebastopol, CA. After testing out a couple of careers after college (management consultant, math teacher), I came to Westminster in 2003.
2) I have served as the Associate Pastor at Westminster since 2014. Prior to that, I served as the Director of Youth Ministry.
3) I spend as much of my free time as possible with my family – my spouse, Camie, and son, Ben. You can often find us hiking with our dog, playing a board game, or watching one of Ben’s many sporting events.

Growing up the child of a pastor, I have been involved in the church for most of my life. I still have fond memories of youth group activities, church choir and handbells, and liturgical arts. Following high school, I attended Northwestern University, earning a BA in Political Science and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences (an honors program in mathematics). Swearing I would never become a pastor – because that was my dad’s job – I set off in other career directions, eventually ending up in Baton Rouge, LA with Teach For America.
It was in Baton Rouge that I first discerned my call to ministry. A wonderful, welcoming Methodist church first hired me as their part-time Youth Director, and then as their Contemporary Worship Leader. I soon began looking for full-time ministry work, and came to Westminster in 2003 as the Director of Youth Ministry.
While working at Westminster, I attended seminary at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, first earning a Certificate of Theological Studies, and then a Master’s of Divinity degree. I graduated in 2010, and was ordained the following year, as a United Church of Christ (UCC) pastor. (The same denomination as my dad … I have come full-circle.) I was then hired to be the Associate Pastor in 2014.

In addition to my work at Westminster, I serve as treasurer for the Board of the Marin Interfaith Council and the Board of the UCC’s Golden Gate Association. I am also honored to participate in the UCC’s Next Generation Leadership Initiative.


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Jeff Shankle

Director of Youth Ministries

Office: 415-383-5272
Twitter: @JBShankle
Instagram: JBShankle

Where I'm from:

As we turned the calendar to 2016 my wife and I started to figure out that we were entering a season of change. After 6 years serving as an associate pastor in San Carlos we've now found ourselves living in and loving Marin! Prior to that I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside churches, other faith based groups, and charities in over 30 states in 6 countries as a retreat speaker and missions trip coordinator.

What I do here:

Sometimes I wonder! Our youth are pretty amazing. In general though I go to football games, track meets, band recitals and more building relationships with the youth of our church and community. Even more importantly though I get to recruit and empower caring adults who also give up their fair share of time walking alongside teenagers during what should be the best years of their (and our) lives.

How do I spend my spare time:

Two words: Theodore and Solomon. Those are our twin boys. We find as many adventures as we can along with my lovely wife Jenn. If I'm fortunate enough to have her to myself we love experiencing new things from travel to meals. If its just me? I'll play a game of ultimate frisbee or read a book. But not necessarily in that order.


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RuthE. Wells

Music Director

Office: 415-383-5272 x213

Where I’m from and where I’ve been most recently

I grew up in rural North Dakota. I come from a lifetime of participation in church and civic choirs, but my first choral direction jobs were in Friday Harbor, Washington in the 9 years prior to my returning to the Bay Area in 2007.

What I do here:

I am responsible principally for the choral music program, and generally for all music for worship - although the preachers pick the hymns.

Why I do what I do:

Church music has always been a part of my life - I'm a fourth generations church choir director. It is both the practice of my craft as a musician and an expression of my faith.

I graduated from Drexel University with a masters degree in Arts Administration, so my daytime career has long been in the arts and other nonprofit organizations. I had a specialty in governance for awhile, supporting the boards of trustees at San Francisco Opera and later the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and I've done a great deal of promotional writing for organizations and projects. I've been more of a generalist since 2010, adding skills in overall organization administration. My pet project for the past two years has been to serve as the executive producer of the North Star Vocal Artists choral ensemble.

My day job makes possible my second life as a choral musician. The family lore says I sang before I talked, and I've been both a soloist and choral singer my entire life. I avoided music leadership for a long time, but since 2000 have really embraced and have come to love the opportunity to teach others to love choral singing, too. About the same time, I also began to explore choral composition. Composing music for worship - whether simple meditative chants or expressive choral anthems - has become one of the most gratifying parts of my life.


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Traci Eckels

Office Administrator


Traci Eckels has recently completed a 32-year career as a fundraising professional.  She mostly worked in the Bay Area and has helped secure significant support for Public Broadcasting, national parks, universities, and affordable home-ownership.  During those years she spent time at UC Berkeley, the YWCA in Seattle, San Francisco State, KQED, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco.  She has served in just about every fundraising position Including as the Chief Development Officer. 

She has chosen to scale back her from full-time work and being responsible for reaching high fundraising goals. She was looking for a part-time job that would keep her connected to making an impact in the community and that was working for an organization with caring and friendly people.  She is so pleased to be here at WPC.

Traci grew up in Davis with three siblings and attended U.C. Berkeley.  She lives in El Cerrito with David, her significant other of 32 years who is retired landscape architect, landscape contractor, and long-time guitar player, and their cat Miss Kitty.  David keeps their garden beautiful and they spend lots of time there watching hummingbirds, smelling the roses, and enjoying the Bay Area weather.


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Jesus Posada


Office: 415-383-5272

Jesus Posada has been the church sexton for 26+ years. He’s likely the first person you see on Sunday as he directs you to a parking spot. He’s the man who makes the church grounds and building look beautiful and welcoming. After Jesus and his family settled in Marin, he and wife, Gloria became naturalized citizens of the USA. Jesus brought to these shores a great love for soccer and soon founded and coached the first multinational soccer team in the county. Jesus’s vision was to use youth soccer in the Canal area to build pride, mutual support, and community. The Marin Community Foundation honored Jesus and the team with a Community Partnership award that enabled them to purchase equipment and uniforms. Jesus is dedicated to their 3 daughters and son, their 9 grandchildren and extended family. 


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Doug Huneke

Pastor Emeritus

Office: 415-383-5272

Doug began at WPC in 1981 with a small congregation of dedicated, loyal Christians of the Presbyterian persuasion and stayed until retirement 30-years later. “ I was privileged to serve with Barbara, Bethany, Ted and a core of exceptionally competent Christian educators, music directors, organists, parish associates, and seminary interns.” During his tenure he co-found the Marin Interfaith Council, was founding trustee of the Marin Community Foundation, and for 14-years was chaplain to the Southern Marin Fire District, Sausalito Police, and Marin County sheriff’s office. He published the popular biography of a Nazi-era rescuer that inspired a German documentary film. He also published a university textbook.

Doug has participated at WPC in several special services and taught a four-part Wednesday Bible Study on the parables. “Westminster is woven into the core of my being and I enjoy savoring its wonderful leadership and its unique ministry and mission.” He regularly preaches for colleagues in solo pastorates, providing them opportunities for vacation, family time, and study leave. He is a lecturer, mentor and provides a limited amount of spiritual guidance and pastoral care for college students and clergy peers. He is also busy writing a novel on the so-called ‘hidden years’ of Jesus’s life.

Nancy Dagenhart, Doug’s partner, continues her psychotherapy practice in Corte Madera with individuals and couples. Doug and Nancy graduated from the two-year Living School program at the Center for Action and Contemplation, led by Fr. Richard Rohr. Together they attend lectures, concerts, and training programs, and they enjoy restful and/or adventurous escapes in and out of Marin. He delights in being a grandparent and enjoys hikes, walks, and cuddling with Callie the Boxer. 


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Barbara Rowe

Associate Pastor Emeritus

Office: 415-383-5272

It is hard to believe that my 21 years as Associate Pastor at WPC went by so quickly! Medical mission teams to Guatemala and Haiti, teams to Fresno or Gulfport, planning group trips to Biblical lands, welcoming refugees, teaching, visiting members and friends in hospital or home, creating and supporting small groups, participating in Sunday worship - the many activities of a pastor were life-giving to me. I loved it!  Ordained ministry was my second career. After ten years as a Systems Analyst, earning a UC Berkeley MBA and a Master of Divinity at San Francisco Theological Seminary, I was grateful to be ordained and installed as Associate Pastor of Westminster in November of 1992 and served with Rev. Doug Huneke until retirement in December of 2013.

Currently my primary focus is volunteering with refugees and immigrants at the Canal Alliance and at Davidson School in San Rafael. Rowing every morning on Richardson Bay is a beautiful luxury. For fun, I enjoy painting and ukulele classes, involvement in groups such as league of Women Voters and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, hearing great speakers in Marin County  AND... my first grandchild was born in April 2017. I am grateful to be back involved at Westminster visiting members and supporting the Outreach and Society programs including an educational trip to BorderLinks in Tucson . Thank you for such a wonderful community! 

Rev. Dr. Barbara D. Rowe, Associate Pastor Emeritus


Patty Sempell

Worship Accompanist




Jana Stachlikova

Communications Administrator