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Why Do We Have Section Leaders?

Posted by RuthE. Wells on

Several people have commented that the choir sounds nicely full and balanced these days, which is impressive for our relatively small numbers. There's a good reason for that.

A couple of years ago we added section leaders in the alto, tenor and bass sections of the choir. These folks are experienced choral musicians who strengthen our sound by shoring up the confidence of everyone in the section. They do this by being a guiding voice on their part, leading by example so that others who may not be confident of their music reading skills can more quickly learn their parts by hearing it sung alongside them.

They also provide a steady presence in the choir loft, since almost no one can be here every Sunday. We have section leaders to ensure that the harmony parts will always be covered. They make both rehearsals and singing in worship more fun!

We languished through the fall without an alto section leader, and I am so pleased that since December 18th, that role has been filled! When you have the opportunity, I hope you will share your appreciation with each of our section leaders: Jim Armington, tenor; Michael Petersen, bass and Martha Wall, alto.

Soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone),



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