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Posted by Bethany Nelson on

In the Beatles' classic song, "Help!" they sing that when they were younger they never needed any help. But now, they realize the benefit of asking for help when they are feeling down or need to get their feet back on the ground.

I love this song, and was reminded of it recently when talking with Cesar. Many of you have probably seen Cesar at the church in the last few months. He has worked with us while jesus was first recovering from knee surgery and then on his annual trip to visit family in El Salvador. We are so thankful that Cesar is always ready, willing, and able to fill in as our sexton.

What I most appreciate about Cesar is his willingness to help. Whenever he sees me doing just about anything, his first question is, "Can I help you?" Usually, the task is something with which I don't need help, so I almost always answer, "No, but thanks for the offer."

A few days ago we had this exact conversation, and then Cesar (with a smile on his face, as always!) added, "You always tell me no when I try to help you." I told him that he was so busy, I didn't want to burden him with even more to do. He responded by telling me that he loved to help, and that it wasn't a burden at all. That helping other people brings him joy.

I will admit that it is not always easy for me to ask for or to accept help. I like to think that I am strong enough to do things on my own. However, doing things on my own doesn't make me strong...it just makes me stubborn. It is good to accept help that is willingly offered. It is good to share by burdens with others rather than shouldering them all along. It is good not only for me, but as Cesar reminded me, it is good for those in my community who reach out with helping hands and hearts.

one of the things I appreciate most about this Westminster community is how willing you are to help each others and to share one another's burdens. Often in our lives, we find ourselves in a position to offer help, and you all have proven time and time again that you are very good at that. At other times, however, you might be the one in need of help. I know that receiving can often be much more difficult than giving, but I encourage you to reach out for that help. Take the hand that is offered. Share what is burdening you with the listening ear and open heart of another. Allow this community to nurture you.

Jesus tells us, "Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." We are not alone. We have God, and we have each other.May we be able to both give and receive loving help. 

Blessings, Bethany


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