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Advent Word 9 - Comfort

Posted by Rob McClellan on

One of the most well known Advent hymns begins, “Comfort, Comfort you my people,” drawing on the words of the prophet.

We want God to meet us in our pain.

Do we recognize that acknowledging pain can be the entry point into relationship?

Have we suppressed our own pain?

Have we oppressed the pain of others because it’s too painful for us to see?  Because it might make us examine our own role in their pain?  Because it might lead us to need to change and change feels painful?

Comfort, this holiest of divine offerings has been taken from us, co-oped by those who want to sell us something under the guise of comfort, but what we long for is true comfort, freely given in God, not sold.

We pray for the courage to ask for and receive comfort.

We pray for the humanity to see in the other the need for comfort.

We pray for the awareness to recognize that comfort is often a matter of justice.

Let us be ambassadors of comfort in the hurting places of the world.


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Polly Chandler Dec 7, 2020 5:37pm

For those of us who are called to be generous in giving comfort, this is a powerful reminder. Giving comfort and receiving comfort are in duality and both necessary in this season.