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Advent Word 7 - Glory

Posted by Rob McClellan on

When I hear the word glory I think of gold, purple flowing robes, majesty.  But have you seen the majesty of an anthill, of a granite rock face, of a parent being patient with a child who has not learned their own patience yet? There is glory everywhere.  It is not reserved for thrones which, frankly, often attract the wrong sorts.

Glory is found in the colors of the sky as it negotiates the peaceful transfer of power from daytime to night, and everyone agrees it’s a beautiful thing.  

Glory is where we’re bound, but did you ever stop to think that maybe we’re there though we haven’t, many of us, noticed it?  Stop right now.  No really, stop right now.  In a moment hit “pause” and look around.  Where is there glory in your field of view?  Where is there glory inside of you?  Inside of another?

When you have come back to this place, you realize you don’t need anymore of my words today.  Take the robes to Goodwill and coronate a little glory on the way.


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