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Advent Word 6 - Fellowship

Posted by Rob McClellan on

How can we have fellowship when we have been kept so separate by this God-awful illness?  When we are to remain literally out of each other’s reach?  This is a question I carry into the season with no answer at the ready - none that would soothe you, or you would have found it already.  I think of lonely times and how often we endure them in this life.  Have you ever stood in line at the pharmacy and wondered what brings the person before and behind you?  What are they facing and with whom do they face it?  We all want to be well.

In worship today (the day I wrote this), we spoke of being called into the fellowship of the Son, of the Christ.  I wonder if Jesus was lonely.  He seemed to have a whale of a time being understood, and if you are not understood, how can you be in fellowship?  He seemed to have a closeness to God, a familiarity.  He called God, Daddy.  I don’t believe you are meant to fret about that if such is not your relationship with God.  Perhaps it can be instead a promise that it is possible with you too, your own intimacy.  Have you introduced yourself lately?

We are together in our loneliness.  That can be a common place for us as we seek fellowship, our absences and fears.  We all have them and can connect through them.  Connect today, somehow.  Light a candle.  Call a friend.  Dust off an old book.  Watch as fellowship grows.


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