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Advent Word 4 - Earth

Posted by Rob McClellan on

Jesus came to earth.

We believe God shared fully with us in our earthiness

Walked on soil

Wiped bread crumbs from the face

Drank wine and presumably delighted in it.

Suffered ache and ecstasy of this earthly existence.

“For God so loved the world...” we are told...the world, not just people

God loves this earth

We are not here to escape it

What a strange formula to make this world for us like some elaborate escape room

Who would give a gift and desire the recipient to discard as a sign of fidelity to the giver

This world for us is to learn to inhabit, to dwell therein

To recognize that it is teeming with divinity

And the lines between profane and holy are blurred in Christ.

Born outside.  Healer with mud.  Pinned by wood.  Emerged from stone.

The earth gave Jesus second birth.

In this fallscape of chilled nights and return of wetness, let it likewise birth us again.  Amen.


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