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Advent Word 3 - Time

Posted by Bethany Nelson on

Advent Word 3 - Time


I find it interesting that in our society, we often talk about time as being quite scarce. "I don't have enough time!" "I've run out of time!" "If only there were more time!" However, I think we actually have plenty of time. The issue is not the amount of time that we have, but is actually how we prioritize our time. How do we choose to spend the time we have?
I quoted the author Anne Lamott in my sermon on Sunday, and I want to share some more of her wisdom today. She occasionally teaches a writing class, and tells her students that the only way something is going to get written is if they take the time to write it. She says they usually come up with all kinds of excuses about why they don't have the time.
"They start to explain that they have two kids at home, or five, a stable of horses or a hive of bees, and 40-hour workweeks. Or, on the other hand, sometimes they are climbing the walls with boredom, own nearly nothing, and are looking for work full-time, which is why they can’t make time now to pursue their hearts’ desires. They often add that as soon as they retire, or their last child moves out, or they move to the country, or to the city, or sell the horses, they will. They are absolutely sincere, and they are delusional." (from "Sunset" magazine, April 5, 2010)
If we aren't making time for our hearts' desires now - if we aren't making time for God now - when will we? Something will always come up that will take our time. One of the gifts of this Advent season is that we are encouraged to slow down and to not get caught up in what can be a very hectic time of year. Advent is a time when we are urged to be intentional about spending time with God and preparing the way for the coming of the Christ Child.
During this Advent season, I encourage you to not complain about your lack of time, but to consider how you prioritize your time. Perhaps you might have more time to spend with God than you think!


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