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Advent Word 3 - Strengthen

Posted by Rob McClellan on

The word for today is “Strengthen.”  Notice, it is not “strength.”  It is not a static state.  It is not something we achieve, but a movement we invite.

Strengthen, O God.  That can be our prayer.

Notice, too, the prayer is not only to “strengthen us,” though that may be part of our prayer.  It may be strengthen me.  It may also be strengthen us as a people.  Do not make us uniform, O God, make us stronger, the bonds that connect us that the commitment to one another might grow and that we might be able to withstand the difference that emerges in shared life.

Strengthen our resolve.

Strengthen our insights.

Strengthen our commitments to do what is just.

Strengthen our convictions about the importance of truth.

Strengthen our will and our long lost practice of sacrifice for the sake of our neighbors.

Strengthen our ability to acknowledge our weakness and our recognition that this does not make us lesser.

Strengthen the disadvantaged, knowing it will make us all stronger.

Strengthen our connection to loved ones.

Strengthen our priorities.

Strengthen our communities, not just our country but our neighborhoods.

Strengthen our resolve to walk into the darkness knowing a light awaits.

Strengthen us like Mary was strengthened to walk that journey only to give birth to the savior of the world...


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Polly Chandler Dec 1, 2020 5:18pm

Strengthen like a redwood- tall with roots interconnected.
Strengthen like a caterpillar- waiting to become a butterfly
Strengthen like a duckling- learning how to follow
Strengthen like the pelican at the front of the formation to give others lift
Strengthen like a snowflake to stand up to all the other snowflakes that surround me as they fall gently to cover the mountain
Strengthen like a current that carries a whale from Alaska to Baja