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Advent Word 25 - Holy

Posted by Rob McClellan on

What does holy ground feel like?

          Is the acidity of the soil different?

          Is it free of plastic -- is anything these days?

          Are only some worthy of setting foot on it?

What makes the ground holy is that we take our shoes off when we step on it.

We decide what is holy and what is profane 

          By what words we wrap around things

          By what stories we tell

          Value in our world is largely a matter of storytelling

                   And we have chosen some unhelpful stories.

If you’re a radical, read on.  If not, have a lovely day.

If you’re still there, revere tree trunks, honor bread crumbs, defend watersheds as if the Christ child were floating on a delicate raft in the middle, recognize recognize recognize God is breath.

What is holy ground?  This is.


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