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Advent Word 22 - Restore

Posted by Bethany Nelson on

My family has been discussing the Advent Word each day, and when my son asked what today’s word is, I told him - “restore.” He responded, “Oh, like when Jesus restored hope in the people and taught them new ways of loving.” Well … yes … exactly. Thank you for writing my reflection for me!

I think about the themes of the Advent candles we have lit in worship each week – hope, peace, joy, love. There are certainly times in our lives when we experience those in abundance. And, there are times in our lives when we could use a little restoration. What a gift is the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who restores our hope, peace, joy, and love not just at Christmas, but each and every day. Thank goodness that I do not have to rely on just myself to find hope or joy in life. My cynical side would have a field day. Instead, I can rely on the Christ Child to remind me of the hope, peace, joy, and love that I can find in God. So, yes, thank you Jesus, for restoring hope and teaching us new ways of loving.


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