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Advent Word 22 - Rejoice

Posted by Rob McClellan on

This year?  Really?  Rejoice!?!?

Well, don’t deny reason for grieving, weeping, even despairing,

          But, yes, rejoice. 

It’s a discipline, not a reflex...though maybe it could become that.

Rejoice at the sunrise, and the rising of the chest in breath.

Rejoice at the pouring of coffee, and the pouring out of the earth.

Rejoice at the miracle of hands, and the gift of holding...and being held.

Rejoice at the cloud and the moon, the ability to shape, filter, and reflect.

Rejoice at laughter, and homemade jam, and tacky greeting cards from the kindest of loved ones.  Rejoice in yarn and grapes and a child figuring out the universe of layers held in humor. 

Rejoice in those who have only wanted what was best for you and have loved you into you the best parts of yourself.  

Rejoice because that works to resist the worst influences of our society.

Rejoice because you are joyful, but you are not satisfied.

Rejoice because you have a story to tell

          And it is about what you adore.


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