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Advent Word 20 - Bless

Posted by Rob McClellan on

Bless - it’s a word we throw around a lot, in circles religious or not.  

          “Bless you” we say to someone we wish well

          Or has just sneezed.

Or, we are from the South and we want to speak freely about someone,

“Bless their heart...”  

 But what does that word mean.?

 In English, at least, it comes from a word which means, “to consecrate with blood.”

          Have you ever wished you hadn’t asked a question?

For Christians, we’ve waxed ineloquently and all too frequently about the blood of the cross.  Some of us are still in need of band aids from that kind of wounding faith.

But, to bless belongs at Christmas as well because in Mary’s giving birth to Jesus, God blessed the world in and through blood.  

          God called that moment blessed

          And not just that moment, but through that moment all moments.

                   This moment.

                   This one. 

                   And that one.

Our blood is our life and think of that.  To whatever you give your energy, your time, your attention, your heart, your life, you are consecrating with your blood.  

          You bless with your being.

          So, be where you can bless.

                   And bless where you are.

And remember that God offers blessing through all the mess and pain and beauty that dots our every moment.  God uses the very ingredients coursing through you and me.

You need nothing else.

To bless.


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Polly Chandler Dec 18, 2020 5:41pm

My Great Aunt Nonie, like a grandmother to me, always said God Bless instead of Good Bye after our visits. It was such an endearing way to end precious time together. This gives a whole new lens on the word and the phrase. She blessed me with her being. I wonder if she'd still use the phrase if she read this?