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Advent Word 17 - Worship

Posted by Rob McClellan on

In religious life (and keep reading even if you’re not religious) little has changed more this year than worshiping.  We’ve gone from gathering in person under the same roof, with our only fear being we might nod off during the sermon (and be spotted) to yearning with every fiber of our being to share a pew with people we love deeply or even just seem nice even if just to hear the weekly announcements.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Are you absent, God?

That is a sharper question that may have come to the mind and heart of some of us.  Your always somewhat invisible presence seems a little harder to sense when we are not gathered with others of the faith or seeking faith who open a portal to you in prayer, song, sharing of our sacred story and simple reverent presence.

This is where we say that we can worship anywhere!  And we can.

We can do church anywhere!  And we can.

That we see you in the sunset!  And we do.

That worship is a disposition as much as an action!  And it is.

Two things can be true.  We can worship where we are and we can miss worship where we used to be.

Now, to those who are non religious.  Let’s have some fun.  We know some of what has kept you away.  What if, since our way has been sidelined for so long, we dreamed of a way to be spiritual (but not “religious”) together?  

What if you could help us return to a way it never was and dream a new way to be?

What if we could decide to leave behind what no longer serves, bring along that which can still bless, and build some new ways altogether?

What if we co-wrote the next chapter together?

Oh, what adventures we could find.


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Polly Chandler Dec 16, 2020 9:42am

Finding the divine in the natural wonders of the world is a form of worship that can be done in any moment, all day long. Sunday church for me last week was marveling at the King Tides. Water washing over our landscape created new lines, images, reflections and wondering. Perhaps that is the call of worship...new lines, images, reflections and wonderings amidst the divine.