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Advent Word 15 - Go

Posted by Rob McClellan on

When Natalie Merchant sings, “Children, go where I send thee,” 

          My bags are half-packed before she finishes “go.”

 If you don’t know who Natalie Merchant is,

          Let’s go

                   On a walk.

                   I can tell you my story and you can tell me yours.

 There are so many places to go in this world, so many places to see

          The wonders of the world, surely multiples of 7

                   The wonders made of human hands

           A sufi dancer once told the secret of how not to get dizzy while whirling,

                   “Find a point to fix one’s gaze.”

                   “Where do you look?” asked the student.

                   “Here,” she said pointing to her heart.

You don’t have to go anywhere to find your steady place.

 So, now, do you feel ready to go where you need to?

You can bring what you need.

I still have half a bag’s worth of space.


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