Church Milestones

    • In 1957, a visionary group of 95 individuals answered the divine call and laid the cornerstone for a Presbyterian presence in southern Marin County.

    • In the early days, Sunday services unfolded in modest burlap-lined quarters above Herbert's Sherbet Shop on Tiburon Boardwalk, while our youngest members gathered for Sunday School in two refurbished Northwest Pacific railroad cars.

    • The year 1960 marked a significant leap forward as the congregation moved to its current location, establishing a small sanctuary, classrooms, and offices.

    • A momentous occasion arrived in 1991 with the dedication of a glorious new sanctuary.

    • In 2018, our church took a crucial stride toward the future by launching a capital campaign aimed at supporting a sustainable renovation of our community hall, kitchen, offices, and nursery school. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing and enhancing Westminster's role as a vibrant and inclusive community in southern Marin County.

    • Important milestones for our church have included being a founding congregation of the Marin Interfaith Council, voting to become a “More Light” congregation, and participating in Marin’s rotating emergency shelter team.

    • Along this remarkable journey, six dedicated pastors, two dozen interns, five parish associates, and countless elders and deacons have steadfastly led our congregation.

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