Bethany Nelson

    Bethany Nelson assumed the role of Associate Pastor at Westminster in 2014, capping off 11 years of dedicated service as the Director of Youth Ministry within the same congregation. Her roots in church life run deep, having grown up as a pastor's child in Sebastopol, CA. Fond memories of youth group activities, participation in the church choir, handbells, and engagement with liturgical arts shaped her early spiritual journey.
    After completing her BA in Political Science and Mathematical Methods at Northwestern University, Bethany ventured into the realm of education by joining Teach For America in Baton Rouge, LA. It was during this period that her true calling to ministry emerged, leading her to take on the role of part-time youth director at a Methodist church. In 2003, she made her mark at Westminster as the full-time Director of Youth Ministry.
    While serving at Westminster, Bethany concurrently pursued theological education at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. There, she earned a Certificate of Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity degree, ultimately leading to her ordination in 2011.
    Bethany's commitment to her faith extends beyond her pastoral duties. She actively engages in various roles, holding positions as treasurer on the Board of the Marin Interfaith Council and the Board of the UCC's Golden Gate Association. Additionally, she contributes to the UCC's Next Generation Leadership Initiative.
    In her cherished leisure moments, Bethany prioritizes quality time with her spouse, Camie, and their son, Ben.
    Together, they find joy in hiking alongside their loyal canine companion, engaging in board games, and wholeheartedly supporting Ben in his numerous sporting endeavors.

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