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Advent Word 18 - Pray

Posted by Rob McClellan on

One of the ancestors said:

“Pray without ceasing.”

It’s not an invitation to speak without taking a breath.

It’s more of an invitation to take a breath. 

It’s a challenge to allow the heart to break open,

          And to make the world safe enough for people to allow their hearts to break open.

Pray without ceasing-

          Let there be an inward and outward flow of the heart

                   To and from God

                   To and from others

                   To and from not just the deepest singular self,

                             But all the selves of time past and times to come

                                      The child who wasn’t listened to

                                      The body that wasn’t honored

                                      The successful one who will or won’t be praised

                                      The visionary one who still dreams

                                      The hopeful and frightened ones together

Prayer makes room

In that sense it is the deepest form of trust

          That what will enter in will not ultimately harm

                   But will reveal a path to more healing.

Won’t you invite it in?


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Polly Chandler Dec 16, 2020 6:49pm

"It’s a challenge to allow the heart to break open"
In these times this feels like a courageous step as so many people's hearts are heavy and breaking.
It feels like the prayer should be the courage to allow your heart to break open, the courage to not be afraid, the courage to name what makes you weary this season.