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Advent Word 10 - Patient

Posted by Rob McClellan on

I trust today’s word is about being patient, but it’s hard right now not to think of being a patient—English is such a funny language.  

These are not funny times, with the numbers of patients rising so high it’s hard to keep pace with the care needed and all the suffering and our own patience grows thin while the tolls grow greater because this could have been avoided.

Patience.  Holy patience.  That is my prayer.

 Alongside holy impatience.

 Matthew Fox reminds us that the Buddha in his peacefulness lived to a ripe old age while Jesus burned hot and died young.  One represents holy patience and the other holy impatience and we need them both.

 Wait, wait for the coming of the Lord, and hasten its coming.

 I will be patient with myself and expectant, just as I will be patient with the ways and the timing of God even as I strive to be, as we should strive to be, as Mary was, expecting.

Christ be patient in your coming...but not too patient.


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