Westminster2020 - Forward In Faith

The Westminster 2020 - Forward In Faith committee produced this short film to serve as the opening feature of our capital fundraising drive.   The film highlights the blessed gifts that WPC provides to our community  every day. 

WPC Renovation Project
Check back frequently for the latest news and schedule about our exciting building renovation project.   
What will it look like?



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Notes and Bolts - April 2019


 WPC Renovation Committee
Ron Meserve - Chair
Tod Moody - Vice Chair
Elke Bray - Communications
David Elliot - Finance
Adam Krivatsy - Architecture
Ann West - Architecture
Lauren Nunnally - Construction
Jo Cooper - Interior Design
Chuck Quick - Buildings and Grounds
Rob McClellan - Pastoral Leadership
Lewis Berkhout - Project Accountant

Renovation Committee


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 TOGETHER we support this community of faith with our financial pledge to the Westminster2020-Forward In Faith capital campaign.  Thank you for your loving support! If you would still like to make a donation to the WPC Renovation Project, please click on the link below.


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With gratitude and thanksgiving, Capital Campaign Chair, Judi Sachs, presents a framed photograph of the The Reverend Dr. William Perdue, former Westminster Pastor from 1968-1980 to his son, Jonathan and daughter-in-law, Alison Owings, who gave a foundational gift in honor of his ministry. The photograph will be displayed in the renovated wing.

Perdue photo

 Photos from our Westminster2020-Forward In Faith Celebration Commitment Weekend - June 2-3, 2018.

Capital Campaign Update
 Westminster2020-Forward In Faith (Capital Campaign Drive) Newsletters, click below:



WPC2020-FIF Newsletter #2

WPC2020-FIF Newsletter #1

OUR PROJECT -  How we began....

In our worship services on January 28, 2018, we officially began our  WPC2020-FIF Capital Campaign which  culminated in our commitment celebration weekend on June 2-3, 2018. This campaign will help us address deferred maintenance and necessary safety improvements, upgrade our kitchen and classroom spaces, and make our building more welcoming – all in support of our mission as a beloved community of Christ.

Westminster2020–Forward in Faith, the theme for our campaign, has been a journey for the congregation in a process that has involved us in a focused time of inspiration and reflection on that to which God calls us, and what we are to do in our lives and in our community in God’s name.

Our campaign is about more than just finances. It’s an opportunity for us to live our mission to be a people who are: spiritually exploring, open and inclusive, committed to a faith that is applicable, welcoming of families and children, and grounded in Christ. Working together, we will ensure a bright future for Westminster for years to come and create greater opportunity for all people to better know God’s love.

Ours is the privilege and opportunity to continue to build up our church, celebrate the abundance God places in our lives, and carry forward the vital ministry we share.

We thank you for your generosity and commitment to be a part of God’s promise for us as we move Forward in Faith on our Westminster 2020 Campaign.

Called to Serve

A huge thank you to the many volunteers who have served and to those who have  led our campaign, these members committed their time, energy and talent to the positions below. Our capital campaign team began working together several months ago, and was installed at worship services on January 28th. May God bless their efforts!

Judi Sachs – Capital Campaign Chair
Coordinates the efforts of the Campaign Team and keeps the congregation inspired and informed throughout the appeal.

Michael Hatfield – Advance Commitments Director
Encourages early, inspirational financial commitments to the campaign.

Jeff Shankle – Bible Study and Children & Youth Director
Calls the congregation to scripture study throughout our campaign, and involves the children and youth in our church through stewardship lessons and activities.

Chris Brettingen – Commitment Visits Director
Coordinates follow-up visits with those not able to be present at the Commitment Worship service.

Vince DeQuattro – Video Director
Produces an inspirational visual presentation which expresses the mission and ministry to be served.

John Trotter – Design Director
Designs and produces all campaign printed and electronic materials.

Pastors Rob McClellan and Bethany Nelson
Provide spiritual guidance throughout our campaign.

Susan Bertelsen and Carol Coffman – Forward in Faith Gatherings Co-Directors
Organize a series of small-group informational meetings for congregational members.

Bruce Nelson –  Banquet Director
Organizes an inspiring FIF Celebration Dinner.

Sandy Smith – Hospitality Director
Encourages attendance at the All-Church Celebration and receives members reservations to this special event.

Sharon Terrill – Prayer Vigil and Continuation Director
Invites our members to a time of dedicated prayer in a Prayer Vigil. Following Commitment Sunday, provides ongoing updates about contributions over the three-years of our campaign.

Elke Bray – Resource Director
Oversees the dissemination of all campaign communications and supports the campaign team in a variety of administrative tasks.

Deb Babe, Frank Busch, Jo Cooper, Steve Dini, Jim Gibbs, Matt Hart, Harbo Jensen, Christopher Marlowe, Hamp Mauvais, Bill McLeod, Bob Miller, Tod Moody, Chuck Quick, Steve Soja, Anton Schwarz, Diane Masarweh – Campaign Support