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Watch Your Step!

02.10.17 | Aging Wisely | by Sandra Massen

    Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among people 65 and older. In our area, 34% of 911 calls are for falls of elderly citizens.
    This is a reminder to protect yourself by:

    1. Exercise regularly to improve strength, balance and coordination

    2. Improve Home Safety:

    • Remove small rugs, cords and clutter from pathways.
    • Install grab bars near tub and toilet, and non-slip mats in tub and shower.
    • Use a step stool with a grab bar; never stand on a chair.
    • Maintain good lighting throughout your home; keep flashlights handy.

    3. Personal Safety:

    • Review medications with your healthcare provider to identify medicines that cause dizziness or sleepiness.
    • Sensitivity to alcohol increases with age and can interact with some medications adversely.
    • Have yearly vision checks.
    • Wear sturdy shoes and avoid slippers.
    • Get up slowly from bed or chair.
    • Use a cane or walker, if needed.

    Let's stay healthy together!

    Sandra Massen