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Update from Loving Creation

06.29.17 | Loving Creation | by Betty Drake

    This Spring, In contrast to U.S. Federal resistance, nearly all other nations joined in humanitarian, environmental unity at the climate accord in Paris. They shared two basic truths: climate change is a factual reality not a belief, and two, we are all in this together. Our planet is at stake.

    Here at WPC, we yearn to live out our Christian principals of stewardship in gratitude for God's gift to us, our Earth home. We can't let the absence of national political leadership discourage our own vision and enthusiasm, Plus, we need a comprehensive plan.

    Just published in 2017, a book titled "Drawdown" edited by Paul Hawken is a plan to reverse global warming. It is worthy of your attention. The chapter on "Energy" states that the renewable energy industry transition cannot be slowed. "The era of fossil fuels is over." Because clean energy is becoming less expensive, economics make its arrival inevitable. In addition, there are chapters on "Food", "Women and Girls", "Land Use", "Buildings and Cities", "Transport", "Materials" (which includes recycling), and finally,"Coming Attractions" featuring promising future solutions.

    Won't you join our friendly WPC group we call "Loving Creation" and be a part of something living and positive where with God's guidance we are reaching for economic, health, and quality of life benefits for all?

    Betty Drake