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Go Deep Green

06.21.20 | Loving Creation | by Mary Mossteller


    Here is an easy powerful action you can take today in support of a healthier environment!
    Opt Up to 100% clean renewable electric energy.
    If you have $5 a month, Contact Marin Clean Energy (MCE).

    Westminster Presbyterian Church has been a part of California’s renewable energy
    movement for several years since we opted-up to MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable
    electric energy for our church operations. We are also members of MICA, Marin
    Interfaith Climate Action, which is encouraging Marin church members to opt-up.

    Follow WPC’s example by going Deep Green for your home

    You likely already have Light Green 50% wind & solar produced in California – opt up to 100%.

    How do I opt up? Visit and enter your PG&E account number, last name, and zip code. Click the authorization box then hit submit. That’s all it takes.

    Or call (888) 632–3674 Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm, and one of MCE’s representatives will help you opt-up to Deep Green.

    How much does it cost? About $5 a month to go Deep Green.

    How much CO2 do you save over a year? The typical household will save nearly 1 metric ton, the amount of CO2 emitted by driving a standard gasoline engine car 1750 miles.

    Loving Creation would love to know if you make this election.

    Please let Mary Mossteller at:    or Judi Sachs at:  . If you already have solar - thank , and let us know that too!