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Coming in September "Eco-Fair"

04.20.17 | Loving Creation | by Mary Mossteller

    Loving Creation and the Spiritual Life Commission are planning an Eco-Fair for Sunday, September 24 after the 10am service.

    The event will be similar in format to the Alternative Christmas Fair with booths offering information (brochures, instructions, etc.) and friendly people to chat and answer questions with all interested attendees.

    Loving Creation is announcing the Eco-Fair date well in advance in order to solicit topics for booths that people would like to be included and participation by those with expertise or interest in a topic.

    Eco-Fair planners have some preliminary ideas for topics, including:

    • cooking and eating vegetarian
    • worm composting
    • grey water made easy
    • green investing
    • solar panels
    • electric car experience/options
    • non toxic gardening methods

    Eco-Fair booth leaders will "kick off" with a brief one-minute overview and then attendees will have 45 minutes to move around and ask questions.

    Please contact Judi Sachs at  or Mary Mossteller at  to express interest.