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WPC Renovation Project
Check back frequently for the latest news and schedule about our exciting building renovation project.   

Renovation Photo Gallery

What will it look like?

RENOVATION PLAN DRAWINGS (revised September 2019)


Your Renovation Committee at Work


Each member of the Renovation Committee plus a few selected consultants from the congregation have been assigned to one or more working teams. Each team has very specific assignments critical to execution of the committee charge. Each of these individuals continues to devote tremendous time and energy to their assigned responsibilities. These folks have enabled an efficient and effective Renovation Committee. Be sure to thank them for their dedication!

Strategy Team:  Ron Meserve, Rob McClellan, Tod Moody, Bethany Nelson

Construction Team: Willie McDevitt (Contractor), Peter Rosell (Contractor), Jim Goring (Architect), Tod Moody, Ron Meserve

FInance Team: Lewis Berkhout (Project Accountant), Scott Bray (Consultant), Ron Meserve

Logistics Team: Tod Moody, Chuck Quick

Interior/Landscaping Design Team: Ann West, Jo Cooper, David Elliott

Packing/Moving Team: Elke Bray, Bethany Nelson, Jo Cooper, Diane Masarweh, Ann West, Tod Moody

Contractor Sourcing/Vetting: Adam Krivatsy, Lauren Nunnally (Consultant)

Solar Project: Michael Hatfield (Consultant), Rob McClellan, Ron Meserve, Tod Moody, Walt Traver (Consultant)

Insurance: David Elliott

Administration/Communication: Elke Bray, Diane Masarweh, Sharon Terrill, Martha Vujovich (Website), Carrie Burroughs (Photos)

Renovation Committee 2020