Youth Ministry


We are an active, open, and affirming youth group for 6th– 12th graders.  All youth are welcome, accepted, free to be honest, and heard.  It’s not unusual to meet teens here that are both dedicated in their faith and also exploring.  We believe God has given our young people extraordinary gifts that should be cultivated by their church.  At WPC they can expect to use those gifts to be a blessing to others as they process their own faith journeys.

Our adult leaders invest lots of times in the worlds of our middle schoolers teaching by example.  They go to games, concerts, and plays cheering on our youth and having conversations that matter over burgers and shakes.  We enter their worlds because we genuinely care.  Our adult leaders are screened and well trained for everyone’s safety.


Jesus Christ came to serve and not to be served.  As adolescents begin to discover their own self-identity, we give them every opportunity to apply their talents and passions in service to others.  When doing this they start to see the life and teachings of Jesus come alive, practically, in the world around them.


Our youth group partners with groups of other religions and churches frequently. We think it’s better to explore their questions now in a healthy dialogue that’s cultivated through our exploration of other’s point of view.  Our goal is to give them tools for navigating a faith life that is rooted in something beyond their own self-interest.




There are many opportunities for leadership for our youth at WPC.  At any given time, several of our youth serve on committees within the church while 2 high schoolers serve as Ruling Elders on Session (our governing board).  Our youth teach classes, serve in worship, put together workshops, mission trips, and more.

Meeting Times
Sundays – During the 10:00 am worship service
There are generally 1-2 events every month
Annual Overnights
RECLAIM weekend
Santa Cruz Mission Trip
Confirmation is available to anyone starting 9thgrade or older
Want to check it out?  Have any questions?
Contact Jeff Shankle: 415.780.2867,