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Our goal is to provide an open atmosphere where students can know that they matter. Where students can be honest, open, heard, and accepted. We not only want to teach the way of Jesus to our young people, we want to show them what it looks like in their world with support, care and encouragement. 



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September 27, 2019

Hi Parents!

Hope you're as excited as we are for a memorable weekend at "The Woods." We love providing one of the best weekends of the school year for your kids. We'll have the option to do some ropes courses, jump off tall things, other big camp games, and of course a great chance to worship with peers. The highlight so often for everyone are the cabin times. When else do middle schoolers get a truly safe space, with people they trust and respect, and the chance to talk about life? I'm always amazed at the friendships formed.

What: November Bash Weekend
When: Depart Friday, 11/1 @ 5:00pm (please eat dinner before arrival) through Sunday, 11/3 @ 2:30pm (your child will contact you when we are 30 minutes from the church)
Where: Westminster Woods, occidental, CA 
Who: All 6-8th graders 
Cost: $200 (scholarships available)
Registration: https://westminsterwoods.campbrainregistration.com/                                               

 November Bash

Important Info: 

1.  We will be driving your kids to and from camp. Disregard what the registration website may say about pickup and drop off. 
2.  Your kids can bring cell phones and electronic devices BUT we will be collecting them once we arrive at camp. They will get them back when we head home.
3.  there's not a big chance of rain, but there are lots of big trees and shade, hence it will get cold. Cabins are heated though. Dress appropriately.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible. If for some reason you need to contact your child during the trip, there are 3 ways to reach me:
1.  Call my cell phone 415.744.4683
2.  Facebook message me (they have wi-fi at camp)
3.  Call the camp directly 707.874.2426

Also, never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! I'm looking forward to a great trip with all your kids!

Chin up,
Jeff Shankle


Coming Events
"God's Doors - The Fellowship Project" - 10 weeks to something deeper than friendship

With middle school comes the introduction of adolescent drama to their lives. "Will so and so be there?" "Did you see them?" "He/She's trying to DM."

What if our youth could find something different and/or (dare we say) better than friend groups, and cliques? Fellowship is a part of our faith heritage that stretches back to the beginning. What did fishermen, accountants, teachers, and others of different background have in common other than a commitment to God and each other? It was their commitment to each other and to living out the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. They might not have been bffs, but they knew each other and found support and accountability from one another.

Fellowship is something different from friendship. It is knowing, this group of people (wherever they may be), will always be there fro me. It's when we go beyond tolerance and respect to find real inclusion.

We are very lucky to have at least 8 different friends coming to help us with this project. We also have two field trips listed in bold. We'll finish with a painting project that we think you'll really enjoy. Understanding that you might not be able to make it to everyone , here's a week by week listing so you can plan for the ones that are most appealing to you:

Date Idea Description Special Guest
9/22 What is Fellowship? Fellowship is different from friendship. Friends come and go and while you might not be as close to those you have fellowship with, they're always there.
9/29 Being Present Many people experiencing housing instability create community to care for one another given the unique, constant, and difficult challenges they face. Dimitri Sklavopoulos, Finn Jimenez - guests from our Thursday Hot Lunch program
10/6 Fellowship in Islam A conversation about what works/doesn't work between two youth groups of different faiths. Islamic Center of Mill Valley
10/13 Fellowship @ WPC Learn more about all the activities and priorities that WPC has to build fellowship here. Meme Hurd - Congregational Life
10/20 Your're So Busy Learn how the busy women and men of this area have built fellowship here at WPC WPC Men's and Women's groups: 5 speakers
10/27 Adventure and Shared Experiences Including new people into a fellowship is often times made easier by sharing adventures together. Sailing Trip to Ghiradelli Square
11/3 NOVEMBER BASH no class - join us! November Bash Info
11/10 Fellowship at School Why would a high schooler start a religious club at their high school? And how? Strat Tolmie - Junior at Branson HS, founder of the Religious Affinity Club
11/17 Teamwork Learn how coaches build fellowship amongst teammates in search of common goals. Dave Heneghan - Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Tam HS, WPC High School leader
11/24 God's Doors* We begin our work on the God's Doors art display
12/1 God's Doors* We continue our work on the God's Doors art display

*To conclude this project our youth will be painting some of the old doors from our renovation. They'll be displayed prominently on Tiburon Blvd with the message "God's Doors are Open to All."We're doing this so our youth can understand that the fellowship they have here is a blessing, it can be a blessing to many people in our community. What a great symbol this will be for all the thousands of cars that pass our church daily!

Parents Corner - Middle School

Middle school can be the most stressful and yet thrilling stage of a young person's journey to adulthood. Middle schoolers are growing in so many ways and are being given new opportunities for both success and trouble. There are 2 things we value that help inform all of what we do as church with middle schoolers:


Relationships - We know that much of what is taught in church can be ambiguous. That's why it is so important for us to have well-equipped and screened volunteer adult leaders who spend time with middle schoolers in their world.  So while we offer strong programs on Sunday mornings and at other times, what drives our focus is the time we get to spend with middle schoolers over a burger and fries, at a movie, or simply cheering them on at the events that they're involved in. We not only want to teach the way of Jesus to our young people, we want to show them what it looks like in their world with support, care, and encouragement.


Service - We think middle schoolers have gifts and passions that should be used in the church and the community. Our middle schoolers do everything from write material for our worship services that create whole interactive festivals to commemorate certain parts of the year. With so much creativity and energy our middle schoolers are very much an integral part of the entire worshipping community of Westminster.  They are also involved in the community through various service projects that take place throughout the year and an annual Spring Break mission trip. 
Serving Others - Middle School
Service projects for middle schoolers take place throughout the year. All are invited to participate. 


Please check with Jeff for Serving Others activities.