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These are the best days of your life! Well they're supposed to be at least. High school teens have deep friendships, are enjoying new freedoms with growing up, and thinking about what their future holds. Unfortunately high school can also be a time of deep anxiety over self-esteem, preparation for college or other paths of growth and self discovery. 



Just for High School
Jeff Shankel   Message from Jeff.....
November 2, 2020

Mission Trip Bake Sale + Delivery:  Nov. 9th –  Nov. 21st

Because of COVID, we have now cancelled both the Mission Trip BBQ and Pancake Breakfast which make up more than 80% of our scholarship funds.  All our partners in Santa Cruz and San Diego are expecting and hoping to have us back in 2021 after being disappointed by our absence this past summer.  Given the economic impacts that are hitting some more than others we should expect to have a greater scholarship need in 2021.  And what a gift it would be to help these families in need! 

This is a contactless delivery, following all COVID protocls, brought directly to your door!  Place your order by completing the Google form here:  https://forms.gle/NUPk5guF3r1ztLBR7

Have 1 Minute to Read? – Upcoming Details 

1.    Confirmation - God

  • Sunday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

  • WPC Playground, 240 Tiburon Blvd

  • Any high school that has not been previously confirmed

  • Bring mask and chair

2.    Wednesday Hot Lunch Program (Details below)

  •  | 415.990.5512

  • Every Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Parking Lot, 240 Tiburon Blvd, Tiburon, CA

  • If you’re able, we are collecting bag lunches for the food insecure

  • Contact Jeff Heely (High School Leader) if you have a question

  • Yes, your child can earn community service hours for this

  • You’ve helped supply over 5,000 meals so far!  THANK YOU!!!

  • Can you help deliver at either 10:30am or 11:00am?  Talk to us.

3.    Check out our updated podcasting profiles

  • The Spirituality of Parenting” is new-ish series on the WPC Tiburon podcast

  • The WPC Daily Dose is a new podcast offering only the brief morning and evening prayers and Psalms

  • Available on Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor, and more

4.    Sunday morning streaming worship services

Have 4 Minutes to Read? – 3-N-1 – Bonfire, Movie, Build the Church!

 Last time went way better than we expected.  The joy, the fun, and even the COVID-related safety of it all beat our assumptions.  So, we’re combining 3 awesome things into one amazing night of hanging out together… again!

As our church finishes the rebuilding process there are a handful of things that we could use some helping hands with.  Specifically, we have dozens of chairs that need to be assembled and carried upstairs.  Of course, having one or two people do this could take a few weeks.  OR!  With the help of our high schoolers, their friends, and other adult leaders we can knock it in a single weekend… over a movie… and over s’mores. 

A little different this time.  While our students are reconnecting over a movie and s’mores, we’ll pull 2-3 of them at a time to do some assembling on the side.  The groups will take turns assembling and going through the building.  We’re doing this to prevent any larger congregating or high-touch situations.

All COVID guidelines will be followed of course.  Wear a mask.

It was great fun seeing new faces last time.  As an inclusive church we want to continue encouraging our youth to include those “outsiders.”  It’s what Jesus did after all.

Have your high schooler message me if they want to nominate a movie. 

PS – while RSVPs are always helpful during this time our youth are absolutely encouraged to bring friends.  We should have plenty of space in the parking lot! 

Have 8 Minutes to Read?  - 5,000! 

While sitting here at the home office, with two boys doing their online schooling in the background, I got a call that kind of took me aback.  A couple of the local newspapers had heard that our little church had reached a milestone at our Wednesday bag lunches.  Last week you surpassed 5,000 bag lunches!

It was funny to talk with them because there were so many things that I didn’t know.  They were asking about the people who give, their stories, the people who receive the meal, and their stories.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know a lot of those details since I have to be at home with said online schooling boys.

But quite frankly that made me happier than ever because it was a testimony of how incredible you have been in that journey.  About 6 months ago we asked if you could help us provide meals to those who’d lost their supply of food because of the pandemic.  I logistically cannot be there most weeks.  Jeff and Elaine have been so faithful never missing a week.  Some of your kids have taken their freshly minted driver’s licenses and delivered those meals.  Many of you have packed them around a table.

…and you just keep going.

I’m reminded of Jesus’ words in the Gospel of Matthew, “you will know them by their fruits.”  Our community is learning about you, this youth group, and WPC by the fruit of your faithful service.

Jeff and Elaine will see on you Wednesday.  Hopefully, some week I will too.

Chin up,

Jeff Shankle
Westminster Presbyterian Church
240 Tiburon Blvd
Tiburon, CA  94920
office (415) 383-5272 x218

cell (415) 744-4683


 Opportunity to Serve Others Now (Wednesday Bag Lunch - details)

This is what we need:

  • 1.  Brown Bag Lunch (in your bag please include)

    • * Peanut Butter and Jelly

    • * Thinly sliced deli meats and cheese

    • * Bananas, Oranges, Cuties

    • * Yogurts

    • * Hummus, Guacamole, etc

    • Soft foods such as:

    • *  Juice or Water

    • * Chips/Crackers are okay and appreciated

    • * Soft Cookies or other soft treats

Special thanks to one of our high school adult leaders, Jeff Heely, who has volunteered to be at WPC  Wednesdays between 10:00am – 11:00am to collect and deliver all the bagged lunches.   If for some reason you need to reach Jeff Heely here you go: 


Have 4 Minutes to Read? – 3-N-1 – Bonfire, Movie, Civic Activism!

One of the things that impresses me about many of our current youth (and this generation in general) is their civic engagement.  Is it just me or do they seem to know more about policy issues better than previous generations?  They care.  They want to do something.  They cannot vote.  They then feel helpless and frustrated.

During our bonfire and movie night we’ll have a table set up with postcards, pens, etc that we’re sending to disenfranchised voters (i.e., people who haven’t voted for many years or aren’t registered) to help get them to the polls.  A recent Tam alum, Avery Schoen, is going to briefly talk about her work reaching out to these sorts of voters and also her experience as a poll worker at the age of 17. 

We will also have application from the county for any of our students who may be interested in applying to be a poll worker.  That is a very simple way for our youth to get involved, feel like they can play a part in this thing we call democracy, and also help protect the at-risk population that normally staff the polls.  You only have to be 16 years old to work the polls assuming your application is accepted.

So while our students are reconnecting over a movie (have your teen text me if they want to nominate a movie, Black Panther is currently in the lead) and s’mores, they’ll have a chance to do something with purpose.  All COVID guidelines will be followed of course.  Wear a mask.

We’re very excited to “get the band back together” so to speak.

PS – while RSVPs are always helpful during this time your teens are absolutely encouraged to bring friends.  We should have plenty of space in the parking lot.

Jeff Shankle

office (415) 383-5272 x218

Prodigal Parent Series #10: Worshipping at Home

    * 5  Youth Pastors in Marin talk about things anybody can do at home to bring their families closer to God. And you get to watch!

    * New episodes broadcast on Facebook and YouTube!



Parent's Corner - High School


 Have 7 Minutes to Read? – Teaching Grace in the Home

One of the central tenets of our faith that may differ from others is the idea that we don't really do anything to reach God. Rather, God comes to us. regardless of how "religious" we are or how much we know about the Bible. Despite the mess we make of our own lives and others, despite how often we disappoint ourselves or others, we are always loved. Through the Holy Spirit, God's presence is with us always. Even more, God wants to be there with us especially in the messiness.

We call this grace.

You and I might be able to appreciate the grace God gives us. That we are loved by something so holy regardless of what we do or don't do, but it may be hard to instill this sort of thing in the heart (not just the mind) of a young person. We all know that our faith can't solely be taught. It has to be experienced.

So how do we experience it in the home?

Just say, "I'm sorry" to your teenager more. That's a great starting place.
 "I'm sorry for the tone of voice I used when I asked you about your homework."
    "I'm sorry that I misunderstood the conflict you were having with your brother and jumped to an unfair conclusion."
    "I'm sorry that I wasn't sensitive enough to how tired you were from soccer."

In today's world our youth feel extraordinary pressures from all kinds of angles. We want them to know that their family is a safe place. And we hope that they are an example of grace to others.

If you want to make your home a hub of grace, try the following:

1. Keep your personal antennae up for times when your own fatigue causes you to speak unkindly to your kids.
2. When you feel like you've wronged your kids, tell them that you're sorry and ask for their forgiveness. Say, "Is that okay?" or "Does that make sense?"
3. Make sure you are quick to extend forgiveness to your kids when they need to do the same.