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Philosophy of Ministry
These are the best days of your life! Well they're supposed to be at least. High school teens have deep friendships, are enjoying new freedoms with growing up, and thinking about what their future holds. Unfortunately high school can also be a time of deep anxiety over self-esteem, preparation for college or other paths of growth and self discovery. 

Fall 2019 Youth Calendar

Just for High School
Jeff Shankel   Message from Jeff.....

October 1, 2019

On Sunday we began our fall semester high school Sunday school class on Prayer. This part of our core curriculum was brought up a lot by different people in the church. For that reason we developed a middle school and high school version. This version of it will be much less theory and conversation about prayer and much more actual praying! Our hopes and goals are twofold: to give our youth the tools to pray in ways that come naturally to them and to create a sense of normalcy surrounding prayer. Basically, we hope our youth have a vibrant lifelong prayer life. This series will meet through the first weekend of December. 

Guest Topic Description

Steffen Bartschatt, Spiritual Life Commission member

Traditional Labyrinth A labyrinth helps direct one's focus toward God. Unlike a maze, which has dead ends and the possibility of getting lost, a labyrinth has a clear path, but it sometimes takes unexpected twists and turns. In this way it resembles the journey of life.
Rev. Dave Bray, retired senior pastor of 30+ years Prayer Walking Walking is something we're always doing. We do it down the halls of home, school, work and places of play. We do it outside. Since we believe God's presence is everywhere let's take advantage by entering into conversation with God in the mundane moments of simple walking.
Mt. Tam Cemetery Prayers of Lament Many high schoolers are deeply distraught about the world around them. While visiting a cemetery we consider all the things that scare, worry, and make us indignant including gun violence, the environment, bullying, and simple existential questions of meaning and purpose. What if we followed in the footsteps of those before who "cried out" to God in sincerity, opening our broken heart in prayer?
New Life Assembly youth leadership team How Other High Schoolers Pray Some high school students from new Life Assembly, a charismatic church in Novato, will join us to lead us in some prayer practices they and their youth group do regularly.

Dan O'Regan, Director of Religious Education, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

Tactile Catholic Prayers Some Catholic prayer rituals go back 100s of years to the founding of Christianity. Many of them are tactile in nature involving beads, smoke, or other things we can see, smell, and touch.
ReJesus Labyrinth Contemporary Labyrinth We travel through a new style of labyrinth which uses many modern day items we encounter regularly. Walking through the stations affects all 5 senses and heightens our awareness to God's presence in our everyday lives.
Create Stations Our youth begin preparation on our prayer practices for the congregation to participate in.
Outdoor Labyrinth We finish preparations for our own prayer practice session and lead anyone willing from the community and congregation in it.

We are looking forward to sharing about all these things with you and inviting your questions and feedback.

***** Upcoming Events***
10/27: Mission Trip Pancake Breakfast - 9:00am - 1:00 pm
12/6 - 12/8: December Fest at Westminster Woods 

Chin up!
Jeff Shankle 

Parent's Corner - High School
 Upcoming- WPC Youth Ministry Series

FCD Flyer

What: Prodigal Parent Series #9: Substance Abuse Workshop
Where: Findlay Hall, WPC, 240 Tiburon Boulevard, Tiburon, CA
When: Sunday, 10/27, 11:45am - 1:15pm
Who: Parents and other interested persons                                                                                                                                    

Since the legalization of marijuana and the rise of vaping we’ve noticed a change in the way teenagers talk about drug abuse. Furthermore, Marin continues to be a place where teenagers struggle with alcoholism and binge drinking. Unfortunately, even faith communities are not immune from these issues.

As part of our Prodigal Parent Series we want to give parents and other caretakers in our community resources to meet these difficult and nuanced demands.

FCD Prevention Works is the leading international nonprofit provider of substance abuse prevention services. In 1976, FCD Prevention Works launched a pioneering approach to substance abuse prevention. Since then, they have worked with over two million students, at nearly 1,000 schools, in more than 70 countries and 39 United States.

Please join us for this important conversation!

PS – This is the same day as our Pancake Breakfast so feel free to invite your friends to enjoy a delicious breakfast beforehand!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

- Jeff

 Have 4 Minutes to Read? – WPC Youth Ministry 2.0


Did you know Sunday School is one of the least productive places to introduce new kids to the youth group? People often times stop me and ask how they can get their youth (or their youth’s friends) more involved in the youth group. Understandably Sunday mornings comes to mind first. Its what churches are known for – Sunday mornings! But unfortunately, with all the detail, planning, things to cover, people running around trying to get a few minutes with you (this goes for everybody including our youth) it is simply not a natural place to integrate new people.

Now that shouldn’t stop you from coming of course. But what if you knew what events/trips we are doing that you could use to better introduce someone to the youth group? Some of the things we do are tailored for that purpose, a few things we do are exclusionary. Everything has a purpose.

Our youth ministry is a unique place made up of amazing teenagers and adult leaders who are building community with each other and reaching out to those in need. We do lots of strange things together. We “flock” people’s houses and sanction their March for Our Lives walkouts as official religious activities. We stuff backpacks for refugees alongside people of other faiths while committing ourselves to a thorough understanding of Christian Scripture. Our youth and leaders meet at 6:30am before school to talk and pray for each other. Myself and adult leaders are seen at their campuses cheering for them or simply to say “hey.”

Everything we do has a purpose. We want all of our youth to carry into young adulthood strong spiritual health reflected in their following of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We are looking forward to sharing about all these things with you and inviting your questions and feedback.

Serving Others - High School

Service Projects

Several times throughout the school year, we participate as a group in community service projects. We hosted a Parents Night Out and spent a Saturday working together finishing one of the Habitat for Humanity homes in Marin. Working together in service to others is one of the most surefire ways to help spur those kinds of deeper fellowship we all long for and so badly we need. Check back frequently for upcoming Service Projects or contact Jeff at .

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