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Sunday School is provided for children in preschool through middle school. WPC Kids is for ages 4 through 10. Middle school students meet in the Youth Room on Sunday mornings. High school students are welcome to enjoy worship with their families or are welcome to help out with the younger kids.

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Our Christian Education program seeks to instill the knowledge and love of God and Jesus Christ through scripture, prayer and practice. We teach our children skills that help them live according to Jesus' teachings, such as "Love one another as yourself" and "love God with all your heart, soul and mind." We encourage appreciation of the diversity among God's children and the wonder of all God's creation. We want our children and youth to know and experience God's unconditional love and acceptance here at Westminster and beyond.
Parent's Corner


Hi Parents,

We hope you like our new WPC-Kids page.  Please check back frequently to learn about upcoming events, announcements, family activities and opportunities to help out in your child's classroom. If you would like to learn about what we are studying or if you missed a week, below are our lessons for the second half of our school year. If you are interested in teaching one of our grade level classes, please click on the button below to sign-up online. For more information about teaching in our Sunday School, please  contact Cindy Lightfoot, Sunday School Coordinator at: or Pastor Bethany Nelson at: .  

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We would like to kindly remind our parents  to collect their children as soon as possible after worship. Our volunteer teachers cannot always provide supervision after worship, and we want to insure the safety and security of all of our children.

Family Activities:

Throughout the year, there are a number of family events including the Harvest Festival, Advent Workshop and Jerusalem Marketplace. There is also a variety of children's seasonal mission projects such as collecting food items, warm socks and Christmas gifts for Ritter Center families. Check our Events/Calendar for latest events.

Thinking about summer vacation? Check out Westminster Woods, a Presbyterian camp and conference center, located in the midst of 200 acres of redwoods in western Sonoma County near the Russian River. Registration is currently open for their summer camp program for children in grades 2-12.  Please check out: for dates and registration information.



God's Good News:  Lent and Easter

Fun Stuff to Do at Home
Week of March 5, 2017

Honor the importance of water.  Make a sign to remind everyone in your family to turn of the water when they brush their teeth and post it in the bathroom.  Or, pick up trash along a nearby body of water. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for clean water.

Week of March 19, 2017

Look through old family photographs. Talk about people in your family who have died, or those you haven't seen in a while. Share stories of those people. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for those family members.


March 26, 2017

Ask someone in your family if you can rub their hands or feet with good smelling lotion. Do this because you want to offer them a gift of love, not because you are expecting anything in return. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for that family member.

Week of April 2, 2017

Make palm leaves from construction paper in anticipation of Palm Sunday next week. Place them throughout the house and offer a prayer of praise whenever you see one.


Week of April 16, 2017

Use a digital camera or phone to take pictures throughout the week of things that remind you that Jesus is alive. Share the pictures with family and friends. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for God's amazing love.


April 30, 2017

Try doing something new this week. Perhaps trying a new hobby, or having a conversation with a new person. Take note of how it felt to have the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for courage, and for new things.

May 14, 2017

Identify someone who would benefit from a meal and conversation. Prepare and deliver the meal. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the food and for time spent together.

May 21, 2017

Who serves at your school? Your church? In your neighborhood? Send thank-you notes to some of the helpers in your life. Ask them how you can help. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for helpers.

May 28, 2017

You may not have healing powers like Jesus, but you can help someone you know who is sick. The next time a friend or family member is sick, show them the gift of compassion by bringing them a hot meal or helping them clean their house. Offer a prayer of comfort and peace in the midst of illness.

Ideas for Family Worship

Some worshipful experiences for families:



  • Mornings, share with each family member the plans, hopes, and projects for the day. Pray for each other and leave the house knowing the prayers of the others are with you.
  • After School or Dinner or Bedtime, share the events of the day - was there a time when you felt God's presence - the sense of the prayers of your family with you.


Set aside some time when all family members can be present. Learn a church song, write a prayer, read some scripture, share a special event during the week when God's presence was felt. Use silence so each membe can share his or her most personal fears, desires, and thank yous with God.


When on drives, at the store, the ballgame, while on vacation, working in the yard or garden - look around, closely examine a plant, tree, flower. Look around at the hills, meadows, ocean, and forest, to see the wonders. Lie on your back and look at the stars or clouds in the heavens. Worship God in nature.


During Advent, Lent, do something special for another family member. As a family do something for someone else - an elderly person shut-in. Plan a worship service for the family. Include God in birthdays; thank God for the special person, using song, poetry, prose, and prayer.