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Philosophy of Ministry
These are the best days of your life! Well they're supposed to be at least. High school teens have deep friendships, are enjoying new freedoms with growing up, and thinking about what their future holds. Unfortunately high school can also be a time of deep anxiety over self-esteem, preparation for college or other paths of growth and self discovery. 

Just for High School
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 August 6, 2018

 Starting September 30th and running to mid-December, our high school Sunday School class will be tackling a project on Science and Faith. This is something at the forefront of many of our students' minds in regard to their faith. We want to reimagine how we talk about science and faith in relation to each other. They shouldn't be in debate with one another. They should complement one another. Our Christian faith wasn't formed during an era of scientific inquiry. Then how can we reimagine certain aspects of our faith in an age of science and reason? Should we?

We're currently lining up a number of people from various fields of science to share with our students about their journey finding peace between science and faith. More details to follow....

UPCOMING SERVICE EVENT - What better way to get your school year started off right and reconnect with the youth group (if you've been away) than by serving together at the new and improved SF Marin Food Bank in San Rafael. They moved from Novato to this location less than a year ago and have expanded the capacity. Hope your high schooler can join us! Questions:  email me at:

What:  High School Food Bank Service
When:  Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 12:30pm (carpool leaves WPC at 12:00pm)
Who:  All high schoolers
Waiver: None
Cost:  Free


High School Mission Trip 2017  (2018 photos coming!)

Check out our video of our 2017 trip to San Diego.


Parent's Corner - High School

Parents are the biggest influences in a child's life and the teen years can create a shock to the relationship. It seems like just yesterday you were the biggest hero in their life and now suddenly you don't know anything. If it takes a village then we want to walk this road beside you offering time-sensitive programs that not only enhance your relationship with your teen, but also provide a resource for you in raising a child in the ways of Jesus.  We always appreciate your feedback and want to collaborate with you in the joys of parenthood!


 Fall program details are coming....check back, please.





Council of Dads

All dads are invited to share in the monthly meeting of the Council of Dads. Come, share a meal and discussion topic with other dads. Check-out our Events/Calendar for our next gathering.

13 Reasons Why > You Matter 

By now we’re sure you’ve all heard about the Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” and it's already got you thinking, talking, and possibly worrying about your teens and their friends. While many parts of the series were extreme worst-case scenarios of teen culture it nevertheless has created an incredible opportunity to have frank and thoughtful conversations with teens about depression, cutting, suicide and more. After chatting with many area parents about the show we knew we had to do something to not only give you hope and uplift your souls as parents but also give you some really practical information about how to talk about these things with your kids. Also, you’re probably noticing that your kids might not be so apt to discuss the show or its topics with you… they’re frankly tired of hearing about. But, we all know as adults that these are important topics that should be discussed. If you feel like you or someone you know needs to talk,  please contact us anytime. That’s what we’re here for.





Youth News - High School


Serving Others - High School

Service Projects

Several times throughout the school year, we participate as a group in community service projects. We hosted a Parents Night Out and spent a Saturday working together finishing one of the Habitat for Humanity homes in Marin. Working together in service to others is one of the most surefire ways to help spur those kinds of deeper fellowship we all long for and so badly we need. Check back frequently for upcoming Service Projects or contact Jeff at .

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